Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Fun......until it rained


   Haha I really like that picture. I kinda stole it, but, oh well. I`m Back... :) Anyway, that was really random, but what I really wanted to say was we went to Bacon Creek Park last night as a family. We thought, "Oh this`ll be so much fun and it`s not supposed to rain till, like, 8 or 9:00. We`ll be good." Or so we thought. Yeah, we were there for about twenty minutes and it started raining. Oh well. We did have some fun while we were there. :)

Not sure what Eddie Joe`s looking at...

We played an intense game of Monster. As you might be able to tell, I was the monster in this picture.

Although, I don`t think I ever caught anybody.

Pretty awesome bird picture, I think...

     Then, after it rained, there was a really cool rainbow. We were driving when it came out, but my dad managed to get this picture at a stoplight.

    Not as cool as the real thing, but, that`s the closest we got. =) The lighting was pretty awesome when we got home, so my dad took some pictures of the house.

Our new cream siding!! with our very white garage doors. Hopefully, we will paint them soon. :D
   Well, I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our somewhat failed family outing. And remember to never trust the weather man. Oh, and if any of you haven`t heard of the banana sketch, you haven`t lived yet. ;) I will post the Mr. Nmit video soon. Signing off with a joke,

Have you ever heard the bed joke?

No, I haven`t.

Well, that`s probably because it hasn`t been made yet. --courtesy of Jack

 --Rye Bread


  1. Haha! Sounds like you had a fun, short family outing.... :P We saw a rainbow too! (hmm...wonder if it was the same one. That would be funny.... :P)
    Hahahaha! Jack......... :P
    Great post Mr. Monster aka Rye Bread :)

  2. Ha ha! Your posts always make me smile... :) (Even if you steal my ideas sometimes...jk) And totally, the banana sketch rocks! Thanks for your comment on my blog... and i can't wait for the mr. nmit video, and you should totally post the video of Something Greater singing at the fundraiser. See you tonight! (And tell T-bird to post again sometime too!!!)