Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye, 2011... Part 1

     2011 is almost over. A year really isn`t as long as it seems. I hope you all have had a wonderful, Christ-centered year and don`t even try to make a New Year`s Resolution because you probably won`t even be able to keep it. Just kidding, you can if you want but nothing too big. :D :D Anyway, I thought I would post some pictures from our family`s 2011 and I hope you enjoy!!

We went to a couple of weddings including The Big C`s sister`s.

And, Aaron and Anna Nix`s wedding. Yeeaahh, I`m not sure what we were doing.

         One of the most memorable things of the year was when T-bird, me and my parents flew to Ethiopia to meet Peaches for the first time. I`m not sure what that picture is of up there but I thought it looked cool. =)

         That was an amazing, unforgettable trip!! And after waiting about a month we brought our Peaches home. Here are some pictures of that day:

     It`s so amazing to have her in our lives. It was incredible to see God work and time it perfectly. It`s so awesome to look back and see how God worked it out and brought Peaches to our home who is sitting in my lap right now. Wow. Thank you God. Over the summer me, T-bird, and Sunshine went on a mission trip to inner city New Orleans where Hurricane Katrina hit pretty badly. We took pictures, but unfortunately I don`t have access to them right now. Perhaps for another time..... it was an amazing, faith-stretching trip and I really hope we have the opportunity to go again this coming year. Also over the summer we got together with most of my dad`s side of the family at the legendary Johnson Lake. Fun times. However I don`t have time to post any pics so I promise you will get some next part... I hope you have enjoyed these pictures and look out for Part 2!!

--Rye Bread

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

   I am not stealing this from my sister. ( Boxing Day, Bursts of Sunshine) It was actually my idea in the first place so don`t think that I`m copying her. =D But I think this fantastic song deserves to be posted twice, so, I gave her permission to post it as well. ANYWAY, I hope you all have a wonderful Boxing Day and a happy new year. :)

--Rye Bread

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas!! For me and my fellow Siouxlanders it may not be as white as we would have hoped, but you gotta love the warm weather. =) Our family continued the tradition of baking cookies a few days before Christmas and they were and still are TASTY!!!!! Here are a few pictures from that baking day:

The first batch of cookies are cut and ready to bake!

Fresh out of the oven and ready to be decorated. :)

Eddie Joe is hard at work

The Big Fella is completely focused on making the ultimate design

And, the final result!! Yummy!
    Don`t worry, I won`t torture you with anymore delicious cookie pictures. We had a lot of fun making and decorating them. =D I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families and remember that it`s about Christ and what He came to do. God and sinners being reconciled through the Father treating His Son as if He had lived our sinful lives. Jesus took our punishment. Jesus took the Father`s wrath. Jesus took the cross and gave us the chance to be adopted and become children of God. Merry Christmas.

--Rye Bread

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rye Bread`s Random Rambles

    I can`t apologize enough for not posting since Thanksgiving! But, sorry anyway. This will just kinda be a random post about this and that so sorry if I begin to ramble. Amid the recent December craziness  we had our church`s annual Night of Christmas Music in which Something Greater and our family performed songs, plus an awesome Nativity that the Youth Group and Company put on! Here are some videos of that night:

  I hope you enjoyed these!! Adding to the fun and craziness of December, we were invited to our friend`s very belated birthday slumber party (we managed to pull off an all-nighter. yeah, I`m kinda out of it =) ) We had a lot of fun and these are some pretty professional-looking pictures taken on the impressive camera on an iPod touch. All sarcasm aside, sorry about the blurriness :)

Video games of course!

What`s a party without skittles and m&m`s?!
And making cappucinnos at 3 in the morning, naturally. =)
And, when you`re at a sleepover with The Big C, you know this movie is gonna show up!! :D good times...
   Well, I want to once again apologize for not posting in FOREVER!!! But, here you go, and I will try to post more frequently in the future, not that anyone really cares. XD I wish you all a Merry CHRISTmas and I hope that you remember it`s about Jesus CHRIST, not Santa. Although, I have been pretty good this year... jk jk. :)

--Rye Bread