Monday, April 30, 2012

Buffering and other things

Don`t you hate it when a video does this?! AHHH!!! Haha and now this song will be stuck inside your head. Which reminds me of another Julian Smith video, but I won`t post it. =) I am bummed because our drama class is OVER!! :`( Both performances went really well, although I must say I think the second crowd was better. The whole day was a blast. We guys were using a preschool room for our dressing room and we found this stuffed teddy bear that we named Bertrum, in honor of Jack. So, we were super bored and we took a bunch of pictures with it.

The Big C always wanted a teddy bear!

South Pole showing his gentle, loving side.

T-bird, eh, not so much.

But he started warming up to him...

...and they ended the day best friends.

But I needed no convincing.

I knew Bertrum and I would get along just fine.

And, of course, pictures with Something Greater.

     Yup. We were bored. With lots of energy. Anyway, expect a post from T-bird soon. It will be a breath of fresh air after all this video and ridiculous picture-posting. :) So, I will convince him to write soon. ;) Have a great day!!

--Rye Bread


  1. lol! you guys are so weird. poor bear.... jk. I'm so bummed that drama's over. We have to keep having cast reunions or something.. Symphony's over too.. Great job last night btw. T-bird, you did awesome in your solo. :)

    1. Wish I could get a picture with something greater……… ;)

  2. Hey!
    My dad was watching that last night and it buffered
    so much he ended up giving up trying to do it. Boy we shared
    some laughs that time.
    Oh and....I always wanted a fuzzy brown teddy bear when I was little.
    ~Sarah A.