Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just musing

Hello again readers. Before you begin to think that at last their computer is fixed and perhaps they will begin posting more regularly!, let me put those thoughts to rest by saying, no our computer is not fixed and, really, even if it was, the posts would still be anything but regular. :) But either way, here I am typing. Or tapping, that is, on the iPad. It seems that many things have been running through my mind lately, and I've felt a need to "blow off some steam" if you will. So, therefore, a blog post mainly for musing. For the past few months, it seems as if the brokenness of this world we live in has made itself more prominent to me. Not necessarily actually affecting myself, but affecting those around me, opening my eyes to it more and more. I've naturally always known as a good Christian kid that yes, the world is messed-up and yes we will suffer. But what happens when it's right around you? What about when it becomes reality rather than just something you've heard over and over? Well, for one, it certainly reminds me where my soul belongs. Not here. It also shows me that in the midst of trials and not-so-easy things, God still mercifully gives us glimpses of the beautiful things that He is doing. The One who is breaking the bones, also heals them. Not exactly the way that we humans normally think. Check out Psalm 51. And hopefully, these things will also cause us to run to our Father in the quiet place perhaps more than we would in normal conditions. They would cause us to "swim in the Word" as John Piper once put it.

I'm going to shift gears here for a second. If you guys could, I'd appreciate it if you would pray that my love for the Word would increase. That I would desire more to spend time "in the garden" with my Abba Father. I seem to be going through a season where I just feel cold and dead as far as my relationship with the Lord and without any desire to read the Word. I know you guys probably don't normally get prayer requests on blog posts, but I would really appreciate it if you, as my brothers and sisters in Christ, could pray for me in this way. Sorry that this has been such a seemingly depressing post, but it's just kinda what's on my heart right now. Thanks to all of you guys!! I really appreciate it.

--Rye Bread