Monday, July 8, 2013

The Fourth and stuff

    Here I am again! Two consecutive posts two days in a row?? Is that even possible? Apparently. Anyway,   I will just post a few pictures of our Fourth of July fun and such. All photo credit goes to my father.

The punk is lit!

Lighting smoke bombs!! Those things are the bomb. Haha, ok that was really lame.

Probably discussing what to light next...probably another smoke bomb.
Looky here, Jack! I`m drinking from my Uncle Si tea glass!!
   Okay, so there weren`t as many pictures as I thought there were, but oh well. Thanks for reading! Or skimming. Or just scrolling really fast down the page. Whichever you did is appreciated. :) Now to go swimming and then go help out at our church`s first VBS tonight!! Whoohoo super pumped! Keep your eyes on Christ y`all. He`s everything. Later...

--Rye Bread

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rye Bread's Random Rambles

Hey guys!! So, it's been awhile. And I'm basically here to tell you that I will soon be posting a more in-depth post about our Fourth of July. Pictures and all that jazz. And hopefully SOON! Because we're leaving for South Carolina a week from today!! We'll be there for a week and then 2 days later we're off to Lexington, Nebraska for a family reunion. 5 days there, then we're back home, Sunshine will be off to college, school will, no, no! I'm gonna cry!! No, not really, I don't normally get emotional. Although it is sad to think of Sunshine leaving...but we'll save those thoughts for a later date. ANYWAY, I really need to stop typing now. Thanks readers for reading rambly, rambunctious, run-on, random rambles. Try saying that 5 times fast. Haha just kidding. Okay, I really need to sign off now. Before I think of a good joke. Seriously, until next time...

--Rye Bread