Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vacation(s) Part 2

  Okay, so the title is pretty self-explanatory. Here`s pictures of our family reunion at Johnson Lake!! :)

These two were in the water pretty much right when we got there!!

And, naturally, TUBING!!!!!!!

The sun looked super cool behind this cloud one evening. Made for a pretty legit pic.

Me and Eddie Joe getting ready!!!


Chillin` by the fire

Peaches and Eddie Joe love hanging out with their cousin Lauren!!

Oh and there happened to be a few national sail-boat races while we were there. Crazy!! So if you saw a sail-boat race on ESPN, we were there. Haha :)

  Yeah so there weren`t really that many pics, but it was a really good time!!! Well, thanks for reading!! Have a great rest of the weekend and dude God is awesome!! Find your joy and satisfaction in Him. Cuz that`s where it`s truly at!

--Rye Bread

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