Wednesday, August 21, 2013


    So, there's this pretty cool music that I've been listening to by Ancient Mariner. I don't know whether to say "group" or "band" or what because its just one guy who calls himself Ancient Mariner, although he does have a drummer now ANYWAY...really sweet tunes, go look him up on Spotify or iTunes or whatever other doo-hicky you like to use. :) And actually, it's kinda weird cuz this guy is and has been my cousin's best friend since childhood (the cousin with the crazy guitar skills) so I kinda sorta have met him but anyway, anyways, it's pretty cool, good lyrics, cool music and I'll actually post some lyrics to one of his songs called "Acedia" and if you look up what that word means you can probably figure out what the song is about. :)

My words spill onto the floor
They lose their taste when they're lukewarm
They don't mean a thing
I've sunk into the room and lost heat and the dead air and I don't feel a thing

In apathetic torpor
I'm lost in quiet torture
I can't feel a thing
I watch the future unfold
Plans and emotions seem futile
It wouldn't change a thing

I couldn't name the demon
The noonday sloth that creeps in
Into the abbott's mind
Exaggerating time
There's danger in passivity
The lion pounced and swallowed me
Trapped behind the teeth
Of foul Acedia

From the end of the earth I call
My heart is faint with no more strength
Bring my soul out of this prison
And then I shall praise Your name

--Rye Bread

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