Monday, August 27, 2012

Rye Bread`s Random Rambles

      As you might have been able to tell from the title, this post will be a bit rambly. I don`t think that`s even a word, but it sounded cool. Anyways, so, it turns out that we did take pictures in Colorado. Haha. Whoops. Not very many though and not really any good ones, so, I will spare you. :) Oh, and this morning as The Big Fella was eating breakfast his tooth fell out. He also lost one a couple of days ago, so, he`s pretty excited. Yeah, I know, really random. And it was also Eddie Joe`s 8th birthday rather recently. He invited his friends to go to the Ice Cream Capital of the World (yeah, Le Mars) and play at the park and, of course, eat ice cream. I actually had quite a bit of fun myself.  And the ice cream was wonderful. Here are some pics of that:

All twelve of us crammed in the 12 passenger van. We didn`t even plan that either. Good thing it worked out. =D

At the park. Playing monster.

Keeping an eye out for the monster...

The birthday boy.

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!


Funny seeing those two together...

Present time!! Thanks for all the great gifts guys. He`s lovin them!

          Well, that`s all the pictures of that. Pretty sure he had an awesome day. :) So, summer is over, school begins for us on Wednesday, and then we`re back into the flow of things. Ah, sad. But, it`s gotta start sometime, right? One thing that I am super excited for is Lifelight this weekend!!!! Whoohoo! It`s always a blast every year, and if you haven`t been, you really should come. The band I`m probably most excited for is Tenth Avenue North. They`re probably just about my favorite band. We just bought their new album and it is reeeaaallly good. I recommend it highly. I will now leave you with a couple of the songs from the new CD. Thanks for reading!!!

--Rye Bread

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