Saturday, August 11, 2012

Colorado and cousins and stuff

     Hello again. Well, Colorado was AWESOME but I`m horrified to say that we did not take a single picture. Not a single one. So, sorry about that. I really wish we would`ve because we had such a grand time, but no. T-bird and I had a crazy, but awesome time with our cousins whom we have been pretty much best friends with since birth. :) Ever since we were little we`ve had the the nickname the Peanuts, and it just kinda stuck. So, even now when almost all of us are in high school (Lauren`s got one more year in middle school), we four cousins are still the Peanuts. Pretty awesome. Haha. Here are a few pics that somewhat capture our weirdness when we`re together.

The Peanuts. And Eddie Joe. From L to R: T-bird, Lauren, me, Abby, and Eddie Joe.

Abby. Haha.

The Peanuts goin` swimming at the legendary Johnson Lake.

In the kiddie pool.

TUBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D

Our band. The Peanuts.

Yeah. Don`t ask.

Peanuts in the brig.

Us singing some sort of song in one of our "concerts." ;) Not sure why we were wearing toilet paper.


At the pool. :)


Takin` Lauren down!

Yeah. No comment...

      So, yeah, sorry we didn`t take any pictures while we were there, but I hope you enjoyed looking at all the wacky pics of us from the past several years. They are such awesome cousins!! Anyway so the wedding was great, Eddie Joe and Peaches nailed it (close enough anyway), and we played telephone pictionary. Fantastic game by the way, you should definitely google it and play it sometime. Alright, I will now leave you with a skit that me, T-bird and my cousins did last year. Again, beware the weirdness.           

--Rye Bread

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