Friday, November 22, 2013

Time to focus

         Hello, it`s me posting again. And (drumroll please) I am not posting a video or song!!!!! *crowd applauses* Impressive right? Haha anyway, just been thinking a lot lately on what`s really important in this life. Because we Americans live crazy busy lives and it`s all too easy to get caught up in that. But our eyes are to be fixed on Christ! Not on trivial things that will disappear one day anyway. Christ is our life, our hope, our joy. And when we forget that, we`re forgetting everything that matters. We are so fickle, getting distracted time after time. Just when we`re about to spend some time in the Word and in communion with our Father, we remember, "Oh yeah, I still have to do *fill in the blank*." And guess what? There`s no time for God Almighty. Sometimes we just need to STOP! and look to our Father. To lay aside every weight and sin! And at the same time "looking to Jesus"! (Heb. 12) In our Christian lives, we just need to slow down and simplify sometimes. Stop obsessing over doctrine and theology and be with the One who the doctrine and theology is about. (Side note: don`t get me wrong, doctrine and theology are the bomb and they are very important, but they can also become a burden.) There`s so many times where I just need to take a step back, and glory in what Christ has done for me. To be still and know that HE is GOD. To simply praise Him. 
         So yeah, first let us be thankful. Thankful for Jesus. Thankful for the cross. Thankful for a personal relationship with the Almighty God. And then let us press on. Press on toward the goal. Putting all distractions aside. We are called to "RUN" not "jog at your own leisurely pace." And let`s encourage one another. Even just hanging out with friends, do we ever ask how their race is going? I am directing all of this at myself, by the way. And I`m not saying it`s bad to goof off and have fun and laugh and joke. But isn`t the state of your eternal soul a somewhat important subject? Hmmm….
Anyway, I`ll try to wrap this up, sorry if this was a depressing post. I hope you didn`t see it that way. ;) And it was also kinda rambly, but whatever. And it`s ok to be busy, because I know I am. But may our eyes always be fixed on the prize! Even in the busyness. 

Have a great weekend!

--Rye Bread

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