Monday, July 16, 2012

Mr. Nmit: Back in Pink

   So, I assume you all have watched the legendary Mr. Nmit a.k.a. "Pink Freak" video made by us Twinkies, Bertrum, and Katie. But...have you seen the sequel?? I will post both of them for your viewing pleasure. And before you watch them I have to say that the first one was pretty much impossible to top, so, the second one isn`t as good, but still, please watch it. :D

   Hope you enjoyed these!! ;) =D Have an awesome rest of the week!!!!!

--Rye Bread


  1. LOL! You boys crack me up.

    - Mrs. K

  2. "Tube socks! Tube socks! Tube socks!"
    Don't worry, I loved the 2nd one just as much as the 1st(: