Thursday, May 10, 2012

Randomness....what a surprise!

   Random. It`s a word that applies to me a lot. This will be, like so many other posts, a random one. So please, if you don`t enjoy reading random rambling things, press the x button on your screen; although I would really love it if you read this, but, whichever you choose is fine with me. :) Anyway, life has been CRAZY, getting ready for my sister`s grad party, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, etc... But hey, at least we don`t have school! =) For now, I guess. Our youth group has been reading this awesome book called When Helping Hurts. Since most of the youth group (including myself and T-bird) are going on a mission trip to New Orleans, we thought it would be a good book to read before we go, not just for the team, but for the whole youth group. It`s been a really good, eye-opening book. You should definitely check it out. :) We had a really fun frisbee game with some of our peeps after Bible study last night (including JD). My team lost all two and a half games (of course), but we were outnumbered, and the other team had The Big C, who probably could`ve beaten us all by himself. Oh well, we are planning another, more official game next week at 5:30 (5:00 if you want pizza) before Bible study, and I will be coming to win. Haha I`m horrible at frisbee, so, that`s not really saying much. :D And one of our friends was driving T-bird, me, and this other guy home after frisbee, and we were driving down this guy`s street to drop him off, driving reeeeeaaallllly really slow, banging Tedashii and putting on our gangsta faces because we knew no one else was around, and all of a sudden we`re like, "Uh, there`s a car right behind us." Whoops. So, we sped up really fast and we didn`t feel very cool anymore. Ah well. Sorry, I really like run-on sentences. Anyway, in the past couple weeks we`ve had two drama performances, a symphony concert, T-bird`s piano recital, AVENGERS!!, de-sandbagging 2,000 sandbags, building a hoop house, chopping up tree branches, taking down our raspberry bushes, dusting ceiling fans, cleaning windows, and desperately trying to get the grass to grow. And it`s only just begun. But it`s pretty amazing to know that God is sovereign, even over the grass growing or not growing. It`s pretty awesome that we serve an all-powerful God. Sorry, that was a lot longer and way more random than I thought it was gonna be. I apologize. T-bird said he will post soon. :) Have a great day and an awesome weekend!!

--Rye Bread


  1. Yes, that was definitely an epic game yesterday! It was soo much fun! Can't wait for next Wednesday!!

  2. When Helping Hurts is an AWESOME book! So glad to hear there are youth groups out there reading it.

  3. Hey!
    Yeah thanks for the de sandbagging thing trust me it
    was a BIG help but E still says she wishes she coulda done it.
    Sarah A