Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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  Wow. I nearly cried when I saw how long it`s been since I`ve posted. Just kidding, but seriously, it was kinda sad. It seems that I have been extremely busy lately, but, maybe that`s just me. :) Of the many things that have been going on lately, one of them was my sister`s graduation open house party thingy. It was a blast!! Here are some pictures:

Photo credit: my father
  From left to right in the above picture is my sister Sunshine and her friends India and Anna. It was awesome getting to know both of these girls. :)

Preparing the coffee punch!! Photo credit: my father
Sunshine with her buddies Lindsey and Alexa. Photo credit: myself :)

Photo credit: probably my dad
  The fabulous, delicious, fantastic, mouth-watering, irresistible, delectable, rich, unbelievable cakes made by none other than the amazing Cassandra!!!!! Thanks for the cake Cassandra!! It really was delightful. =)

Uh-oh....   photo credit: my father

Everyone was rather impressed with South Pole and Mark`s jumping skills.

Ginger, eh, not so much. ;) Photo credit: my father

 All in all, it was quite a fun time and thank you to all who came. :D Here are some other random pictures of happenings of late:

Baseball with the boys and Peaches.

Playin` out in the cornfield.

Bacon Creek Park

     These are just a couple of things that have been going on, along with some other things that were not photographed. ;) I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week, and I`m really sorry that T-bird hasn`t posted yet!!

--Rye Bread


  1. Or maybe I`m just Southern...hahaha. ;)

    --Rye Bread

  2. You always have a lot of humor in your posts! :P
    I reeeally wish I could have come to Sunshine's party..... :( It sounded like everyone had a BLAST. :)
    I love seeing pictures of cornfields.....reminds me of my house! :D

    PS Meron is so cute. He loves holding everyone's hands and walking around....it seemed like he was having fun with you today too :)