Tuesday, November 29, 2011


   Sorry, sorry, sorry for not posting in forever!! Seems like we`ve been really busy lately but maybe that`s just me. Anyway, I wanted to post about Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving but that didn`t really work out so, here is my Thanksgiving post. I have so so much to be thankful for. I don`t know where to start. Here are just a few: music, family, friends, food (of course), an amazing, supportive, fantastic church family, quoting movies with my sister, laughter, joy, tears, stars singing God`s praise... and on and on it goes. But the thing that I am most thankful for above everything else is that God didn`t pass me by but embraced me as a son. A holy, almighty God who would have been perfectly just to turn the other way and send us to hell, showed love for worthless sinners like us and doesn`t even remember that we did anything wrong. He wiped my record clean. That`s something to be thankful for. THANK YOU JESUS!!
Before I end this post I would like to show you some pics of how we spent our thanksgiving:

All the men played football in the back while the feast was being prepared. =)

The Big Fella is clearly going to catch this ball and take it in for six points!

Eddie Joe could... go.... all... the.... WAY!!!
This is only some of the amazing food that was waiting for us when we came in...
...prepared by the amazing Grandma!!
        We all had a great Thanksgiving together. It was also our little sister Peaches` first one with us. She came home to our family from Ethiopia at the end of March and she is such a little joy in our life. And this Thanksgiving marked the day that she was brought into the transition home Hannah`s Hope one year ago. So, it was a special day for us all. We are all so thankful for her. God is good. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and, well, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Just kidding. :)

--Rye Bread

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