Wednesday, November 16, 2011


     Yeah. It`s hard to believe but me and my brother turned fifteen on Sunday. And yes that means we are old enough to get our learner`s permits. O____O   But don`t worry, we haven`t gotten them yet. Soon though.... very soon. Driving aside, we really did have a fantastic birthday. On Saturday we went to Starbucks with who else but the band. After grabbing our coffee we went and had an epic jam session. Here are some pictures:

              After that, we headed back home for guy time with a bunch of our friends. It consisted mostly of air hockey, John Smith, capture the flag, and foursquare. Here are some pictures from our evening:


          Well, we are both so thankful for our family and friends who made it such an awesome birthday. Have an excellent night and watch out for us driving on the road. Be a twinkie not a ding-dong...

--Rye Bread


  1. Oh Yeah!! 15 is awesome! not that I would know or anything, but I am pretty sure it is! Oh, and I totally want a SomethingGreater cd!! With those pic on the front cover! I hope you guys had a great day! And Ginger, if you read this comment, HUSKERS RULE! and that 'other' team can't even compare to the greatness of Big Red!

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  3. @ Bugg..... cool story bro.

    Nebraska just got crushed by Michigan, Iowa beat Michigan. And that's that. I don't need to say anything else.

    But anyway, happy birthday guys! :)

  4. You win some, you lose some. IA got lucky, and we weren't on top of our game today. Even I think we stunk out there. Rye Bread and T-Bird are NE fans! obviously. Talk to them about it. Sorry, I just had to comment back. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! again.
    Bugg! GO BIG RED!!!!!!!