Saturday, November 22, 2014

Isaiah 12 and some other tunes

     The title of this post is the main reason that I'm blogging right now instead of doing homework. You see, awhile back (a year ago at least) my friend and I came up with a little guitar arrangement. However, we really had no idea what to do with it. It didn't quite sound right by itself as an instrumental, so, what to do? Well, I had been reading Isaiah 12 quite a bit during this time and apparently so had a couple of other people in my church. They had found it to be and continued to find it to be encouraging, the same as me. I, of course, had no idea until one of these gentlemen told me that'd it'd be cool if I tried to put Isaiah 12 to music. And I immediately thought, "Hey that guitar arrangement would sound totally bomb!" Or something like that. So, after a little tweaking here and there, I got it to fit in a way that I liked. So, that's the sort of super long story behind this song. Without further ado, I'll post it. Hope it encourages your soul: Isaiah 12

     I will post another song that I wrote fairly recently, called "Lest I Die." This song is pretty different, style-wise for me. I've been experimenting a lot more with electronic/synth type stuff and I've actually been loving it. So, despite this different sound, this is probably my favorite song that I've recorded. And that's saying a lot because I've recorded quite a few. I just really love how the sound turned out. Also, I feel that this is probably my favorite song lyrically that I've written in a long, long while. The words really came from my gut, if you will. Maybe soul is a better word, but I think you know what I mean. Even listening to it now, the words still resonate deep within me. It's really a song about a struggle, a war, a battle. So anyway, here it is: Lest I Die

     And, as usual, I will now share with you a super rad band/group/musician. This group is called The Brilliance and I may have shared about them before. And before I continue, I just want to emphasize that the music I share on here is pretty much always something that I really really love. So it's not just some band that I randomly pick just for the sake of keeping my promise. Ok, back to real life. Their music is stunningly beautiful and it leans more towards a classical sound. Super rich and soothing. Plus, they almost always have solid lyrics. I say "almost always" just to give you a heads-up that in one of their songs, one of the verses is a prayer to Mary, Jesus' mother. Of course, this is unbiblical and implies that they may have some Catholic beliefs. But the rest of their music is great and quite soul-stirring. The name of that one song is "Now And At the Hour of Our Death," which I believe is a Catholic hymn, but don't quote me on that. Ok, anyway, I will now post a song of theirs called "Our God Alone." And actually, the "band" that I'm in, Something Greater, will be playing this song tonight, November 22, along with some other tunes, at an event called A Night for the Necessary Ones. It's at Sunnybrook Community Church at 6:00 pm. It's gonna be a great night! I encourage you to come if you can make it! Anyway, here's the song:


--Rye Bread


  1. Thanks for posting, Rye-Bread! Thank you for using the gift that God has given you, and giving Him all the glory. I so enjoy listening to your songs. God has given you such a gift for music. Thank you also for posting that song by "The Brilliance" I've heard it before in the past, but hearing Something Greater play it last night and then again this morning was great!

  2. My heart leaped when I saw "Isaiah 12" in the subject line of my Feedly. yes!