Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It`s Okay To Not Be Okay

                               "Why do we fake it? Probably, so they`ll think we`re godly."

     Check out this video that actually kinda goes with my last post. The dude`s name is Dillon Chase and God`s really given him a gift for writing. You should check it out, along with another video that I`ll post of him talking about worship and what it truly is. Enjoy, and I hope the words point you to Jesus, that you might worship Him while listening to/watching these videos.

It's OK Not to Be OK from People's Church on Vimeo.

Love To Worship from arandvideo on Vimeo.

Fix your eyes on Jesus today, by His grace and by His strength. He is the prize. Man`s praise is empty. The King`s glory and honor is what matters. Find ways to point back to Him when people praise you. It should`t be hard, after all He is the one who gave you everything you have. We have nothing to boast in but Christ. So, I encourage you, don`t get distracted. But press on. Press on in His strength.


--Rye Bread

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