Saturday, April 12, 2014

Good tunes...

    Hey everyone! I just thought I`d share some good music with you. It`s some good stuff by Robbie Seay Band. And honestly, I never really ever listened to them because I thought their band name was lame. Haha pretty weak reason. But I`ve actually been giving them a chance the last couple weeks and I`m digging it!! So, you can get their album Rich & Poor for free on Noisetrade (pretty much my favorite website). Yeah, so here`s the link. I think it`ll do your soul some good. It did mine. Alright, so now that I have shared yet MORE music with you, I`ll get going on signing off. Seriously though, pretty much all I do on here anymore is share music. Haha oh well. I do hope you give it a listen. Okay, so if you don`t listen to any of it, at least listen to this one that I will post:

I love the simple cry in this song:
I wanna live for the King!
I wanna live for the King!

That sounds so simple and it really is. But can it not also be the longing that is found deep in your soul? I know when I listen to this song, my heart sings along with these words with such a passion! Because I want my life to glorify my King. And it`s not by my strength that I can do this. So, it`s almost a plead to God, saying, "I wanna live for You!" And that`s all wrapped up in this simple, yet deep phrase. Oh, my King. Do not let me live simply for Christianity.

Don`t wanna live for an ideology
Oh I want to know You, not just know about a God who saves

--Rye Bread

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