Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mr. Nmit...again.

   Ah, yes folks it`s that time again. A time to enter into the ever-entertaining life of Mr. Nmit. Here is the third Nmit video that we just released yesterday. There are many more that we have filmed, but these three are the only ones that we have made public. So, without further ado, Mr. Nmit: Lemonade. Watch, if you dare.

Yeah, we`re kinda crazy, I know. You never know what`s gonna happen when we get together with the E`s. =)

So, yeah, I hope you all have a good weekend and such. And I will try to get my brother to post sometime so y`all can read something awesome. :D Oh and speaking of awesome, I`m just gonna leave you with one more video of my cousin`s senior recital. He is a beastly guitar player. I mean, BEASTLY. So, it`s kinda super long, but you have to at least listen to one of the pieces. And if you do just listen to one, make sure it`s the one called "Autumn Leaves." The rest of them are awesome as well, but that one is my fav. And if any of you readers play guitar, you will appreciate how crazy his skills are.

Sorry both these videos are kinda big. Oh well, I hope you enjoyed! Oh yeah, and if you want to download my cousin`s album, here`s the link:

Hopefully that link will work. He`s got some groovy music. ANYWAY, I`m really going to sign off now. :)

--Rye Bread

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