Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Until next time...

    Hello again! This is basically a post to let you all know that I am leaving for Africa tomorrow!!!!! Therefore, I won`t be posting for awhile. :) I`m not really sure how much I can say about the trip in this public setting, so I`ll just say that it`s a mission trip to Ethiopia. Exciting stuff!! I am super pumped! And definitely nervous too. But hey, my God`s bigger than all that. Looking forward to seeing how He`s gonna stretch me, grow me, mold me, and challenge me on this trip. So, anyway, this will be my last post before the big trip and we arrive back home May 6th. So you can probably expect a post sometime after that. Or not. :) Well, until next time...

--Rye Bread

P.S: Just by the way, prayer would be greatly appreciated while we`re there!! Don`t want to be all demanding or anything, but it really would mean a lot! Thanks. :)


  1. We will be praying for you dear brother. Thanking God also for your heart engaged in HIM.

  2. praying for you both hope you have an amazing time down there! -Becca