Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two years??

         So, today, crazily enough, is our 2 year fami-versary!!! Meaning that two years ago today, "Peaches" (6) was brought home from Ethiopia to be part of our family. Officially. And right now all I can think is, "What?!? Two years? Impossible!!" It`s pretty weird. But anyway adoption is super awesome. Knowing where my little sister came from and what she went through at such a young age is pretty incredible. Knowing where she would be now if we hadn`t adopted her. Wow. Praise the Lord that adoption is possible!! And man what an amazing picture of what our heavenly Father has done for us. So yeah. Two years. Still can`t get over it. Peaches is such a blessing in our lives. She keeps us on our toes, that`s for sure. We love you Peaches and we are so thankful that God put you in our family!!!!!

--Rye Bread

Another song...just a cover of a Jon Foreman song this time, if you want to check it out.

House of God, Forever (Cover)

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