Friday, June 22, 2012

Hey, I`m back!!

  Ok, I got back this past Sunday, and then I remember: Oh yeah!! We`re leaving for vacation this Saturday!!! AAAHHHH!!!!!!!! So, we will get back Sunday, July 1st and I will post the ultimate post sometime after that about New Orleans AND our vacation. I`m really excited to leave tomorrow bright and early (even though it seems like I just got back) and go to the Black Hills and  Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone and all that stuff with my family!!!!! :D :D It`s gonna be a blast!! Anyway sorry for rambling. In short, I will, again, be gone for a bit, but, like I said, I will be back for the ultimate post of everything that`s been going on this summer so far. So, goodbye for now. :) And I hope you are all having an awesome summer!!!!!! Also, please pray for T-bird and everything that`s going on with him right now. It`s not fun stuff. He definitely needs lots of prayer right now. Thanks!! =)

--Rye Bread

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